What The Hack


What the Hack wants to foster diversity on all levels of tech and digitization. With a female driven hackathon we encourage women and men in tech of all levels to come together to work on real problems for 2 days.

The world needs more diversity in tech, where everyone feels included. People who are enthusiastic about digitalisation and want to actively shape the development of the future and their professional development. The aim of What the Hack is to be diverse and to master the challenges of digitization.


27. + 28. März 2020


Yes, we are looking for you!


for tomorrow’s world

Are you curious, ambitious and do you care about tomorrow’s world?
WHAT THE HACK is a multi-generation event that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and different tech activities. The idea is to make programming and the people behind more visible, to bring ideas to life with code, to demystify the skills and bring motivated people together to learn, build and create. We are looking for anyone who is in the field of tech or in a tech-related area – incase, give us a good reason why you shouldn’t take part?



of the female/male workforce in tech and innovation





WHAT THE HACK is a collaboration of:


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